Said Shiraga Rahimi, 1971-2007
Said Rahimi, an Afghan-born cartoonist living in Canada, was killed early on the morning of January 15 in Hamilton.
Rahimi had recently emigrated to Canada with his family and was working as a pizza delivery man while studying English and preparing an exhibit of his cartoons. He was killed on the job when his van was hit by a train at a railroad crossing at approximately 1:30 am.
Rahimi was born in Kabul, Afganistan but lived in Iran and Azerbaijan during the reign of the Taliban. He published political cartoons in several Iranian magazines and also submitted cartoons to international contests. His cartoon output and opinions made both countries inhospitable to him and he brought his family to Canada in September 2005. His ambition was to work as a forensic artist.
A funeral was held at a Hamilton mosque on Tuesday and Rahimi was to be buried at Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens in Stoney Creek.
Said (Saeid) Rahimi was 35. He is survived by his wife of 21 years, five daughters and two sons.

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