Cartoonist was WWII Nose-cone Artist

Albert Edward “Muff” Mills, longtime editorial cartoonist for the Cambridge Times, has died.

Born in Todmorden, Ont and raised in Humber Bay. During the second World War, Mills trained in Galt (now Cambridge) as a pilot and mechanic before being assigned overseas in 1943. As a member of the RCAF’s No. 428 Squadron, he worked as an airframe mechanic and used his skills as a cartoonist to paint nose art on bombers. In May, 1945 he was re-assigned to No. 408 Squadron along with his brother. Many of the planes he worked on are on exhibit in museums across Canada.

After the war he worked as an artist and lived in Toronto. He moved to Cambridge in 1985 and began working as a cartoonist for the Cambridge Times.

Mills passed away Wednesday, March 7, at the Cambridge Memorial Hospital. Mills was predeceased by his wife Norma. He is survived by 3 children and 2 grandchildren. A funeral was held March 9th.


Examples of his paintings on planes

Cambridge Times Obit