by BK Munn
Quebec cartoonist Jocelyn Houde has died. Houde died April 8, 2007 at St-Francois d’ Assise Hospital in Quebec City. He was 47 and had been suffering ill health for some time.
Houde was best known for several clear-line historical adventure series and for his contribution to local amateur publications and fanzines like MensuHell.
A self-taught artist, Houde was inspired by the Belgian school of Herge and by fine art painters. His earliest efforts aped the style of Quebecois caricaturist Serge Chapleau but he soon found further inspiration in the “petit format” adventure strips from the 1960s and 70s like Kiwi, Kit Carson, Cap’tain Swing, and Yuma Kid.
Beginning in 1998, Houde self-published three volumes of Panzer, a series of WWII adventure albums. In 2006, La Pasteque published Les derniers corsaires, a graphic novel about a WWII Royal Navy submarine crew, written by Marc Richard. At the time of his death, Houde was rumoured to be working on a new project written by French scenarist Ted Benoit.
Houde’s remarkable talent, including an eye for historical detail, character, and lush colour, was admired by many and his unexpected death comes as a sad shock to the Quebec BD community.
His funeral takes place today, April 12, at 2pm, at St-Pierre-Aux-Liens church (corner of Roses & Henri-Bourassa).
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