by BK Munn
John Collins, long-time editorial cartoonist for the Montreal Gazette, has died at 89. Collins died Sunday, September 16.
Born in Washington, DC, Collins moved with his family to Canada in 1920 and sold his first cartoon to the Gazette while still in university in 1937. He joined the staff of the paper in 1939 and created many memorable images of the Second World War and Cold War years. Collins also contributed cartoons to Saturday Night. Collins’ cartoons often featured the stock figure of Uno Who, the proverbial impoverished taxpayer, naked but for a barrel. Collins won the National Newspaper Award for political cartooning twice, in 1954 and 1973. He retired from the Gazette in 1982 but continued to contribute illustrations to Edgar Andrew Collard’s nostalgic column, All Our Yesterdays, becoming a Canadian citizen in 1986.
Collins is survived by his wife Edna Collins.
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