Cartoonist Cameron Stewart has made the big leap to self-publishing his own work online in the form of a webcomic called Sin Titulo, part of the Transmission X line-up. Brian Warmoth profiles Stewart for Wizard, and they talk about the Transmission X penalty system, Claudia Davila’s awesome new comic, and Stewart’s hi-tech artistic process:

Do you work on paper first? Or do you go directly to digital?

STEWART: I do both. As you’ve seen I have the same layout every week –the same 4-by-2 grid. I do my initial layouts in Photoshop with a tablet, and then I do the lettering and I print off my layouts in a light blue. Then I ink those. The final artwork is on paper.

So you start out on the computer and move to paper later?

STEWART: Exactly. Then I scan it back in, and the coloring is added in Photoshop afterwards.

How did you come up with that process? Is that something standard or that you’d done before?

STEWART: That’s my process. If I don’t do the layouts digitally, I do rough thumbnails on a piece of paper and scan them in, convert it to a blue line and then print it off. It’s a process that I figured out a while ago, and it’s been pretty good. It allows me to tweak the layouts as much as I want before going to the final artwork. I tend to do most of my drawing in ink and keep the layouts as loose as possible, just for composition and pacing. I do a very minimal amount of black penciling.