Some comic book links from around Canada for Tuesday:

  • Debbie Ohi interviews Lori Emerson, editor of a collection of bpnichol poetry. Besides writing for Fraggle Rock, nichol was one of Canada’s greatest poets, a comic book fan, and the creator of several 1970s comix/graphic novels.
  • The Walrus has an online-only interview with Canada’s greatest cartoonist Julie Doucet, as well as a pdf excerpt from her drawn diary: “It seems that the world of contemporary art got curious about comics in the past 3-4-5 years… and the comic world opened itself to more experimental work. So yes, it was natural… in the end. I still live from my royalties, and comics original sales… art is not very lucrative!” Besides a collection of her diary drawings from D+Q, Doucet has also just released a collage collection thru L’Oie de Cravan.
  • Sandra Bell-Lundy, one of Canada’s most popular cartoonists based on the syndication of her strip Between Friends, blogs about sticking to your creative guns, especially when it comes to drawing women in bikinis (via Journalista).