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Our next Summer Reading Survey comes from comic book artist Ronn Sutton. Since this is the last day of Summer, sending us your own list will probably do no good.

I’m Ronn Sutton, longtime comicbook penciller. website: email:
My strip in Dark Horse’s “Fear Agent” finally came out (#22 – June 2008 issue). It was my third collaboration with inker Hilary Barta. He and I are currently working on a “Munden’s Bar” story for Mike Gold’s website. Some time back “Munden’s Bar” was an ongoing back-up feature in First Comics’ “Grimjack” and now he has revived it with a number of different creators. Hilary and I are also working on a horror story for another publisher, Asylum Press, for an anthology book. I also have a four-issue mini-series possibly coming up at Dark Horse.
I’m not as big a reader as I once was but I’m currently reading the fantasy novel “Enchanters” written by my very long time friend David Bryan Russell (storyboard artist on such films as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Thin Red Line and the upcoming Wolverine film starring Hugh Jackman). Next I’ll be reading “Big Bosoms and Square Jaws” by Jimmy McDonough, the biography of filmmaker Russ Meyer. My favorite magazine continues to be “From The Tomb”, a British publication about horror comics. Particuliarily the ones from the 1950s. In some future issue they’ll be running an interview with me about my 9-year run pencilling issues of “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark” (among other comics). I’ve got an issue of “Illustration” here to read about painter Haddon Sunblom and a couple horror graphic novels by each Kelley Jones and Kyle Hotz that I’m looking forward to reading.