Chris Butcher weighs in with a lengthy thoughtful essay on the cuts to the Diamond catalog intended to limit the number of small circulation books that get distributed. Kevin Boyd adds his two cents (1 cent U.S.) at the Shusters blog.

Writing for the University of Waterloo’s Imprint, Peter Trinh interviews Blank It webcomic creators Lemmo Pew and Aric McKeown.

A report from the talk by editorial cartoonist Barry Blitt in Toronto, courtesy of Andrew Skinner.

Guy Delisle is interviewed on CBC’s “Q” program. Listen to the podcast (Delisle is on the last 10 minutes, talking about how Burma Chronicles is “a postcard” describing his time in Burma). Neil Gaiman was on Q Thursday, but he’s the feature, not the last 10 mintues.

The Beat reports that Scott Pilgrim 5 is selling out all over.

The new site is up for the Festival de la Bande Dessinee de Quebec, which is coming up in April.