Wow, that’s a lot of links! I think this should be it for the link round-ups, unless something amazing emerges. Click the “TCAF” tag at the bottom of this post or see the “Previous Posts” sidebar to get the rest of the links.

NOW magazine covers the Tatsumi/Tomine/Seth event

Sean Rogers reviews 2 TCAF books: Kate Beaton’s Never Learn Anything from History and Anya Davidson’s Consciousness 3.

J.Bone vs Kensington Market: which is more interesting?

Fixed: Jason Truong

TCAF gets a mention in the National Post podcast

U.S. cartoonist Jeffrey Rowland documents TCAF using his webcomic Overcompensating

Pigskin Peters award winner Matthew Forsythe on the festival and the Wright Awards

D+Q publicist Peggy Burns has a flickr set of 128 photos

Brian Evinou blogs his experience

Deb Aoki interviews Tatsumi

Seth puts Ryan Sand to sleep but he wakes up for Tatsumi

Festival organizer and tower of strength Chris Butcher has a short recap

Corrected: Jan Op De Beeck does not make the trek from New York with ex-pat Rina Piccolo

Cartoonist Dustin Harbin has two great full reports. One Two
–including the inside scoop on the controversial “Post-Kirby” panel

Jeff Lemire has a sneak peak at his next project: Sweet Tooth

Jillian Tamaki blogs twice One Two

Matt Kindt (Superspy)

Milo says: “every nerd that went to TCAF has a blog”

Tom Kaczynski has a succinct summary

The amazing Michael Cho’s Spider-Man!

Mariko Tamaki has candid photos and a link to the UK edition of Skim

Picturebox publisher Dan Nadel has photos proving that Jeet Heer and Bill Kartalopoulos were separated at birth, and dubs Francois Ayroles’ Key Moments from the History of Comics (published by The Beguiling) his “favorite work of general comics history in years”

The Tara McPherson show at Magic Pony

TCAF panorama

Tom K’s photos

Wright Awards official photos

The TCAF Vepo Studio video doc that everyone has already seen thanks to boing boing

the wonderful and very funny Best Book nominee video from the Wright Awards ceremony (I can be objective about this link since I had nothing to do with the video besides helping to nominate the books)


  1. *Note: Jan Op De Beeck was NOT at TCAF. You linked to the blog of the AUTHOR of Op De Beeck’s art book ‘Famous Corpses’. Her name is Danielle Griffith. Jan was in Belgium at the time. You may want to correct this.

  2. Corrected.

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