Item: Printer Harmony Printing refuses to print cartoonist Adam Bourrets autobiographical graphic novel because it depicts (gay) sex. Torontoist has the scoop.

Item: Punk cartoonist Mitch Clem does his duty for Nardwuar and country.

Item: Is Lynn Johnston “bagged” out?

Item: Troy Little gets a short profile in PEI on the occasion of the publication of his graphic novel, Angora Napkin.

Item: cartoonist Evan Munday is also a publicist for Coach House Press and is profiled in the National Post.

Item: Great content at the Shuster Awards blog. Retailer Stadium Comics is interviewed. Kevin Boyd writes about the move away from floppies towards webcomics. Robert Haines writes about Jim Munroe’s Sword of My Mouth gn and self-publishing.

Item: Jeet Heer talks about about Orphan Annie in a scholarly interview.