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compiled/edited by B. Munn

A truncated list for the Summer Time. Normally, I compile a list of Top 30 overall and Top 30 by Canadian creators bestselling comic books. I just don’t have the time lately, so I’ve decided to offer an infrequent, shorter version of the weekly list.

The bestselling graphic novels and comics collections in Canada, courtesy of BookManager. The full list by BookManager is available, with some work, here. The list is compiled by BookManager based on sales through over 400 independent bookstores, including several comic book stores and the D+Q store. Sales through most comic shops and larger retailers like Chapters-Indigo are not reflected in this list. For balance, you might want to try the and Chapters-Indigo lists.

Canadian Content: You have to wade through an awful lot of translated Japanese manga, U.S. superhero fantasies, and collected editions of Sherman’s Lagoon to come up with a list of 30 bestselling books created by Canadians. In total, BookManager lists over 4000 graphic novels, trades, and strip collections, the vast majority of which are not by Canadians. This list does not include books that are only illustrated but not written/created-by Canadians.

Sequential’s All-Canadian Top 20 from BookManager

1. (3) Doug Wright: Canada’s Master Cartoonist, Doug Wright (D+Q)
2. (1) Louis Riel, Chester Brown (D+Q)
3. (6) Plain Janes, Castelucci/Rugg (Minx/DC)
4. (-) George Sprott, Seth (D+Q)
5. (2) Skim, Mariko Tamaki/Jillian Tamaki (Groundwood)
6. (5) Big Foot, Graham Roumieu (Plume)
7. (7) Scott Pilgrim 5, Bryan Lee O’Malley (Oni)
8. (30) the great hopeful someday, Elizabeth Belliveau (Conundrum)
9. (4) Nightschool 1, Svetlana Chmakova (Yen)
10. (8) Home Sweat Home, Lynn Johnston (Andrews McMeel)
11. (9) The Burma Chronicles, Guy Delisle (D+Q)
12. (14) Ojingogo, Matt Forsythe (D+Q)
13. (8) Senior’s Discount, Lynn Johnston (Andrews McMeel)
14. (11) Scott Pilgrim 3, Bryan Lee O’Malley (Oni)
15. (12) Pyongyang, Guy Delisle (D+Q)
16. (24) Essex County 2, Jeff Lemire (Top Shelf)
17. (-) Scott Pilgrim 4, Bryan Lee O’Malley (Oni)
18. (11) Scott Pilgrim 1, Bryan Lee O’Malley (Oni)
19. (22) It’s a Good Life…, Seth (D+Q)
20. (15) Kaspar, Diane Obomsawin (D+Q)

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