The Second Annual Summer Reading Survey

Following on the success of last year, Sequential would like to run a feature on your Summer Reading List.

Please email us with your list. Tell us a bit about yourself (weblinks, current projects) and provide a list of books you have recently read and a list of books you would like to read this Summer. Please be as brief or as long-winded as you’d like.

Responses will be run on Sequential in their entirety over the Summer.

Again in point form, The Survey
1. Name/occupation (contact info/website/publisher’s website).
2. What is your latest project (ie, what are you hyping)?
3. A list of books you have recently read or are planning to read. They don’t have to be comic books. (In fact, we would almost prefer they weren’t, you know, to show how erudite and worldly comics fans are, and stuff.) Any number of books is fine. Please feel free to comment (ie, Why are you reading these books? What did you think?).
4. Any upcoming events/upcoming publications? What is your next project?