Our fifth Summer Reading List comes from cartoonist Eric Theriault. Eric has some interesting news about a new Quebec comics imprint. Please send us your list.

Hi guys,

I won’t have too much time to read a lot this summer or travel or anything because I have a lot of work and a deadline with my own book.

400 Coups, one of the big Quebec publishers of art books, kid books and art/autobio comics thru the label Mecanique Generale, have started a new label to complete the diverse genres of bande-dessinee that they want to publish. It’s Rotor and it’s dedicated to “genre” comics: sci-fi, fantasy, detective, adventures, etc … Rotor: can you see the relationship with Mecanique? It’s a Garage thing !

So, they asked me if I wanted to do a “complete Veena”, an edition that would compile everything from my character Veena. So, it will be called Veena et les spectres du temps and will cover Veena # 1-2-3-4, plus illustrations plus a brand new story ( actually, I think my work fit exactly in between the two labels because it’s not strictly genre either…)

The fun thing is that I may be known for this character but many have never read it because they don’t read English. So, a hard cover book, all in color and in french will be an introduction to Veena for many, 18 years after I first published the first mini-comic here in Montreal. So, I’m glad!

But I still have to finish re-lettering and coloring 70 pages!

I also have a 5 pages proposal for an American comic that I’m doing with a Montreal writer. It’s a weird mix of humour and action. The closest thing in my mind would be Howard the Duck, or anything written by the late Steve Gerber…

And I’m also still doing one page a month of Stats, a humour thing in every issue of Safarir, the Quebec answer to Mad magazine. Kurt Beaulieu is my writer.

So, reading? I’ll try to go thru the pile of unread comics where there is still a lot of Charles Burns, Adrian Tomine, Acme Novelty, American Splendor and anthologies like Typhon

And I’m also looking forward to reading Genesis by Robert Crumb!

Ciao !
Eric Theriault