Our next Summer Reading List comes from comics artist JK Woodward. Please send us your list.

My name is J.K.Woodward.. I’m a comic book illustrator. Some of my credits include Fallen Angel, Star Trek, X-men Origins:Beast, and various covers for IDW, BOOM! Studios, and DDP.

My most recent published work is Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Klingons.

A list of books you have recently read or are planning to read.

End of the Century (novel) – Chris Roberson. This story basically combines a modern day jewel heist story with a female punk rock protagonist, a Sherlock Holmes style gaslamp lit detective story, and a dark ages adventure in a very unique way.

Too Cool to be Forgotten (graphic novel) – A middle aged man goes through a hypnosis session to quit smoking and ends up reliving his high school years. Very funny and touching story with an ending that just breaks your heart

The Alcoholic (graphic novel) – If you enjoy Bukowski, then you’ll enjoy Jonathon Ame’s autobiographical (I’m assuming) telling of his bar room experiences.

The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove (novel) Christopher Moore. I’m actually rereading this now.Very clever. Very funny. Very Christopher Moore. I would not only recommend this, but also any Christopher Moore.

Good Bye (graphic novel) – A collection of short stories by Yoshihiro Tatsumi. Not what I would consider typical manga, though I’m not sure I’m qualified to say that as I’ve never had much interest in Manga. Let’s just say that if there is more Manga like this, then I was wrong about Manga and will quickly become a fan.
Any upcoming events/upcoming publications? What is your next project?

Fallen Angel: Reborn. Written by Peter David and fully painted illustrations by me.It’s a story of a Gaurdian cast down to earth after disobeying God. She’s now the protector of an enigmatic city called Bete Noire. This 4 issue story arc guest stars Illyria from Joss Whedon’s Angel.
#1 is out in the middle of July 2009.

This is not the first time Peter David’s Fallen Angel has hit the shelves. It first came out in 2003 and was published by DC comics. DC cancelled it after 20 issue and IDW immediately picked it up and went for 33 issues. There is alot of history there, but don’t worry. Fallen Angel:Reborn #1 is meant to be a jumping on point. Histories are re-introduced so even if you’ve never read David’s Fallen Angel or never heard of Whedon’s Illyria character, you’ll still be able to follow and enjoy the story. In short, it’s new reader friendly!

Also be on the lookout for BOOM! Studios’ POE, which is out around the same time. I did the covers for these, but not the interiors. It’s an adventure story about a young(around late 20’s early 30’s) Edgar Allen Poe. The idea is that the dangerous events that happen in these issues, later inspire his incredible and macbre body of work.

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