I’m going to try to shift the format of the C-List from straight, slightly ironic linkage to Canadian comics news stories to a more critical, slightly ironic, perhaps meatier linkage to Canadian comics news stories, but in the meantime, and because I basically took the summer off, here’s one last kick at the can, Beta-style:

Item: Jeff Lemire, creator of 3 critically-lauded comics in the past year, is interviewed.

Item: Veteran critical laud-er Brad Mackay takes a big flying smooch at one of the most critically lauded American graphic novels of the year, Asterios Polyp.

Item: Speaking of critically-lauded, Dave Lapp’s Drop-In graphic novel gets some lauding action at the Montreal Review of Books.

Item: The critically-lauded Watchmen graphic novel tops Booknet’s bestseller list of comics and GNs for the last 2 weeks of August, according to Quill and Quire. The list pretty-well matches that of the Bookmanager list that I use for Canadian bestsellers, with the exception of Maus and a couple of Garfield collections.

Item: Oh yeah, Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion. Critically-lauded satirist Steve Murray got the memo at the National Post.