seth wine king parade float dominion

All the news that fits my blues:

Item: The giant Wine King parade float created by cartoonist Seth has been photographed in its natural environment, and the pics are available at the Niagara Artists Centre site (bottom).

Item: 24-hour Comics Day reports are starting to straggle in. Here’s one from my local paper, The Guelph Mercury.

Item: Thanks to the Shuster Awards Blog, you can now view Dave Sim’s notorious/funny/puzzling/Sim-like acceptance speech on youtube. 1 2 3

Item: Dan Clowes’ next book, to be published by D+Q, gets some advance buzz for the Frankfurt book fest.

Item: In other D+Q news, King-Cat’s John Porcellino appears in Montreal this evening.

Item: Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth #2 drops on Wednesday.