Sometimes you just gotta post a C-List!

Item: Y’know, I’m geting tired of this “graphica” business. As a catch-all term for comics and graphic novels it’s useless. Besides hinting at a slightness (think “ephemera”), its vagueness makes it even worse than “graphic novel” as a category and everyone from the Globe and Mail to this writer seem incapable of a precise definition. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be catching on.

Item: P.E.I. cartoonist Troy Little has a tv pilot in the shuffle at Teletoon. I don’t usually like linking to animation stories on Sequential, but this CBC report makes it look like it could be goofily great.

Item: And speaking of animated tv shows, it totally boggles my mind that Lynn Johnston has made 6 animated tv specials based on her For Better or For Worse comic strip (this besides 2 seasons of an animated series). Masochists can get all 6 themed specials for under 20 bucks, according to this report.

Item: Adam West and Julie Newmar were in Winnipeg this past weekend for the Central Canada Comic Con. That’s con-attendees Rorschach and the Silver Surfer in the photo pondering if they should jump the line for the men’s urinals and use the practically empty women’s washroom, perhaps using the power cosmic (see here for more great photos). There are also con reports here, here, here, and here. There are also photos at the C4 forums.

Item: Outside of film, it’s hard to create art that is scary. It’s very hard to create scary comics. Walrus comics writer Sean Rogers recommends a witch’s brew of horror comics anthologies that break the EC mold. I like the old underground anthologies like Slow Death and Death Rattle myself, but Rogers’ recs are pretty awesome, too. And come to think of it, alot of those underground thingies were pretty EC-centric.