Hump Day listblogging!

Item: The 10th issue of Dave Sim’s Glamourpuss comic book series, part autobio meditation of the history of cartooning, part parody/pastiche of fashion magazines/consumer culture, drops today. Is this the only bimonthly comic book series published in Canada?

Item: One of the best pin-up and gag cartoonists ever to come out of the Great White North, Playboy’s Doug Sneyd, is the subject of this book preview. Doug was originally an illustrator in Montreal and Toronto before he bagan selling cartoons to Hugh Hefner in the 1960s.

Item: The new online version of the Comics Journal debuted in beta form today. The new incarnation features a giant roster of bloggers, reviewers and essayists. My favourite so far is R. Fiore’s Superman post, but there is more promised, including work from the Journal’s resident Canucks, Tom Crippen and Jeet Heer.

Item: Ethan Rilley, Wright Award nominee and Xeric Grant winner, talks about his new Adhouse comics series Pope Hats in a Comixology podcast interview.

Item: Chris Butcher presents a Bryan Lee O’Malley strip about Decemeber 1st.

Item: Have we mentioned Brian McLachlan’s new webcomic series at Transmission X? It’s called The Princess Planet and the latest episode was published on Sunday.