Some quick links for Sequentialistas:

Item: Listmaking fun continues. Jeff Lemire’s fave comics of 2009.

Item: Bryan Lee O’Malley’s fave non-comics of 2009.

Item: Tired of not enough comics about hockey (Essex County excepted)? Maybe you’ll like the Canayens de Montroyal.

Item: Jeet Heer talks about Louis Riel, as part of the Comics Reporter’s look back at major comics of the 2000s.

Item: Jeet also writes about “the Midwestern School” of U.S. comics.

Item: Chris Butcher’s year in photos.

Item: Jimmy Beaulieu writes to tell everyone that the colosse site now has a catalog so you can buy their wares direct. What a fantastic-looking collection of comics. As well Jimmy and many colosse cartoonists will be at Angouleme in France later this month.