The skinny:

Item: East Coast comics shop juggernaut Strange Adventures dedicated all of its sales from Sunday to disaster relief in Haiti. Are other stores doing this?

Item: The Fabler does a 2009 wrap-up and reminds us of the huge load of interviews with Canadian creators they did over the past year.

Item: Julie Doucet and Le Dernier Cri are part of a group print expo in Montreal.

Item: An article from the Canwest news service talks about non-fiction comics and has quotes from Calgary academic Bart Beaty.

Item: Graphic novel adds to Olympics hype.

Item: Cameron Stewart inking video.

Item: Montreal’s Fichtre has their top 15 books of the year up, with Paul a Quebec in the number 1 spot. Any truth to the rumour that Drawn and Quarterly are not going to translate this one?