Today is Family Day, otherwise known as “Generic February Holiday”, in several provinces.

Item: Michigan cartoonist Guy Davis (BPRD, The Marquis) will be teaching a workshop in Toronto at the end of the month and will have a one-day exhibit at the Gladstone Hotel. In the meantime, The Labyrinth bookstore in Toronto is giving a preview showing of Davis’ original art right now.

Item: The latest Inkstuds podcast is a conversation with Jordan Crane and Sammy Harkham about the What Things Do website.

Item: Cerebus in Seattle.

Item: A profile of Chad Solomojn, creator of the Rabbit and Bear Paws graphic novel series.

Item: A photo report from the Jeff Lemire signing at LA Mood in London this past Saturday.

Item: French comics mag Spirou is back on magazine racks in Quebec (google trans).

Item: Robert Pincombe has been blogging it up lately with his old comics, notes on page rates for artists, Lois Lane, and …. Zatanna’s new costume?

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  1. I was in Toronto for Family Day, man, everyone was bitching about it, but it was nice. I sound like a simpleton but it's true!

    I love Toronto, but they need more days off.


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