I hate Canadian Comics. I love Canadian Comics…

Dispatches from the world of Great White North Pictoral Narratives.

Item: Olympic mascots vs Pedobear.

Item: Sandra Bell-Lundy interview.

Item: In a review of Guido Crepax’ Story of O from NBM, Tom Spurgeon hits on the essence of Edward Gorey’s greatness: “the late cartoonist draw these aristocrats at a sexy, sullen remove so icy it burns — in some ways, the cartoonist is like a non-funny father figure to Edward Gorey, just sex in the foreground rather than sublimated through horror and death and childhood”

Item: Cerebus valentines.

Item: Noel Tuazon profile.

Item: Skim has been a Canadian comics bestseller for two years and now is available in paperback.

Item: If you are at all interested in academic and critical discussions of comics, and read French (or have a Google translation), you might be interested in the new blog by French comics scholar Thierry Groensteen (who I always imagined looks like Wonder Girl’s Mary Sue boyfriend from Teen Titans). Groensteen wrote “The System of Comics” which was translated by Bart Beaty. Bonus: Will D+Q translate Jens Hardens’ Alpha…directions? (link: Dirk Deppey)

Item: Also in French, blogging for Montreal comics shop Monet, Eric Bouchard writes about the history of Korean Manwha. (Google trans) In addition, worth checking out is Bouchard’s summary of critic Gilles Ratier’s annual essay about the comics market in France, where 4863 comics were published in 2009. (Google trans)

Item: The excellent Comics Comics blog and magazine has a new website.

Item: TCAF’s Chris Butcher talks with Mark Asquith about sci-fi manga on a podcast for the SPACE channel.

Item: Kevin Boyd with a brief response to the Dave Howard interview with Brad Mackay from yesterday.