Item: Colin Upton at the Olympic protest.

Item: Nardwuar’s video vault features a rare Capt. Canada appearance.

Item: Kevin Boyd’s Winter Comicon report reminds me of the old joke, “I went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out.”

Item: Abominable shirt equals excellent print.

Item: In D+Q news, we have the cover for the D+Q/John Stanley Free Comics Book Day giveaway, and the Strand Bookstore Bookbag contest.

Item: Trailers for new comics are becoming ubiquitous, but I really liked this little film for U.S. cartoonist Matthew Thurber’s latest, 1-800-Mice.

Item: It’s …….the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack!

Item: Sault Ste Marie tot buys manga for library with wrestling prize money.