Item: Jeet Heer on nostalgia, The Beguiling, Joe Matt, and crappy comic book shops.

Item: In international earthshaking news, the family of Jack Kirby (the artist and co-creator of X-Men, Hulk, and Captain America, among thousands of others) has announced their intent to sue Marvel/Disney for copyright of the Kirby-created characters. According to the LA Times, “Under copyright law, creators can seek to regain copyrights they previously assigned to a company 56 years after first publication and can give notice of their intentions up to 10 years before that.[…] Kirby’s children would be eligible to claim their father’s portion of the copyright of the Fantastic Four in 2017; the Hulk would come up in 2018 and X-Men in 2019. The copyrights would then run for 39 more years.”

Item: The first review I’ve seen of the new Ho Che Anderson book, Sand and Fury.

Item: A review of Red: A Haida Manga at Publishers Weekly.

Item: Guy Delisle draws on youtube.

Item: Regis Loisel and Jean-Louis Tripp, cartoonists from France, are the subject of a new film about the creation of their graphic novel series Le Magasin General, in this report from Chris Hanna of the Concordia student newspaper.

Item: The Transmission X team is touring Europe.

Item: A sneak peak at the process behind Two Generals, Scott Chantler’s upcoming graphic memoir project, to be released through McClelland and Stewart.

Item: Via Robert Pincombe, Alpha Flight’s Box presents “differently-abled superheroes”.