Item: More Wizard Toronto Comic Con reports are rolling in. Andy Burns did all 3 days and was underwhelmed by the programming and attendance. Kevin Boyd has his usual astute even-handed impressions here. Michael Kasaboski at Geek Effect has the lowdown on a certain rebel leader. Garry and Liz did the con in 30 minutes. Photos of cosplay plus from Donna G of the More-the-Merrier radio show.
Item: Dave Howard takes a look at the Wright Award nominees for the torontoist blog: “a truly eclectic shortlist.”
Item: Jeet has some great notes as usual, plus some Canadiana, and a hidden report on the OCAD Gary Panter talk from Michael DeForge (Lose).
Item: The Curling Cartoonist?
Item: 12-year-old Iqaluit boy creates graphic novel.
Item: A profile of Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas.
Item: This post about U.S. underground legend Vaughn Bode has some links to video of Bode at the 1974 Toronto Comic Con at the bottom. Blast from the Past!

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  1. VERY interesting Vaughn Bode video! Now I must go do more research and learn more about this totally interesting character!

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