Some more links from Wizardworld Toronto Comic-con (or Wizard Comicon or Comic Con, I’m still not sure which is correct –although the graphic says the latter, so there’s that). I didn’t expect the con to be a big news-generating event in terms of publishing and announcements from larger companies but it’s pretty quiet out there. Most of the news, pr and spin from the con took the form of “it’s about to happen!/it’s happening!/it happened!” and the result so far is what you see below. I’m sure there will be one or two more thoughtful reflections from seasoned con-goers in the days to come. All in all, it looks like the first edition of this new venture for Wizard owner Gareb Shamus was a success. There’s a new multimedia entertainment convention in town with a large comics section and its name is Wizard. The event organizers were quoted in the CBC article as expecting 20,000 attendees. It certainly looks like tons of folks attended, from photos I’ve seen of line-ups and browsers in the dealer aisles. Not all of them will blog the event, I hope.
Item: I posted a quick set of initial links Saturday, which generated a few interesting comments. Check it out!
Item: More from “The Rant Guy” who volunteered at the con –hard to figure him out.
Item: Photos from Bill at Verbal Brew.
Item: Buck Rogers!
Item: Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool reports on the fire alarm scare, Kill Shakespeare, Naked News, etc –with photos.
Item: Speaking of Kill Shakespeare, advance copies are now circulating.
Item: Meeting Gail Simone.
Item: Photos and what looks like Ed the Sock merch.
Item: Buck Rogers!
Item: Sean Ward and a highschool reunion.
Item: Flickr photos.
Item: Report from Catwoman cosplayer.