Collectors Dream!

The seminal Canadian fanzine, Collector’s Dream was launched in 1977 by George Olshevsky and Tony Frutti (aka Toronto’s G&T Enterprises).
You can almost feel the enthusiasm for these late-70s Marvel characters in this Ken Steacy cover.
ed by Max: Interesting, I don’t think i read this one much at the time but kind of remember the Logo. Not really anything online either that i can see via google, tell us more, tell us more Bryan!
Till then, looks like you can nab a bit of the bygone on ebay if you want a taste of what gets Bryan excited! 😉

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    Yeah, I saw it on ebay. Never read an issue either. Just know the history. Don Rosa ran his Pertwillaby Papers strip there. Looks like a standard North American Comics zine a la the Comic Buyer’s Guide, etc. Just with more Canadian writers and fan art. Publisher George Olshevsky was one of the first generation of Marvel fans –I have an old 70s Weekend magazine article somewhere that profiles him (I think it’s by Margaret Wente) and his efforts to index every Marvel Comic starting in the 40s. He was an early computer programmer and now is a math and dinosaur expert living in San Diego. Toni Frutti was more of a graphics/production type maybe? and worked with Olshevsky on the various Marvel indexes through the 80s.
    Covers were by Rosa, Dean Motter, Franc Reyes, and Jim Craig, who drew The Northern Light in Orb magazine, Spider-Man and 3-D Man for Marvel, and now does animation and illustration graphics stuff.

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