Item: The Montreal Gazette interviews Michel Rabagliati and reports that the first 1500 copies of Paul a Quebec shipped to France have sold out. Good news for “the Tintin of Quebec” and his publisher, La Pasteque. Rabagliati was a prize-winner at Angouleme and is touring the country, doing interviews supported by the big French bookstore chain.
Item: The Shusters blog picks up on the Wright Awards art auction preparations and interviews both The 4th Wall comic shop in Point-Claire, Quebec and Unreal City in Saskatoon.
Item: Michael Cho kicks ass.
Item: Inkstuds is gonna be a book. Also Craig Yoe is the current interview.
Item: Transmission X’s Eric Vedder interviewed at The Fabler.
Item: New sci-fi action epic written by Edmonton’s Robert Burke Richardson for Zuda, “Absolute Magnitude”
Item: National Post policart Gary Clement interviews the New Yorker cartoon editor.
Item: The Hipless Boy’s Shirwin Tija is profiled at the rabble.
Item: Manitoba native history comics.
Item: Harvey Pekar is among the comics luminaries in town for the Jewish Film fest in T.O. As a warm-up to the Fest, you might want to read Jeet Heer on “the Jewish question” in pieces for The Walrus and Comics Comics(recommended).