Item: Tom Spurgeon is way ahead of us all with his Collective Memory.

Item: I linked to part 1 of Dustin Harbin’s TCAF thoughts in my own notebook, but part 2 is great for the quite wonderful sketches of attendees and his thoughts on the Wright Awards and Canadian culture.
Item: Clowes event.
Item: Mr. Fuzzypants?
Item: Evan Dorkin.
Item: Robin of Inkstuds fame on his week in T.O.
Item: The sense of community.
Item: This blog post by Dave Merrill showed up in my TCAF search and the funny thing about it is that I am probably standing about 50 feet to the left of the cotton candy robot in the photo taken at the Aberfoyle market. Weird.
Item: ADHouse recap.
Item: Colleen Frakes.
Item: Toronto con stalwart Jason Truong reports in.
Item: Line Gamache, whose Poof! from Conundrum I reviewed here, has a weird strip called TCAF BLues on her blog.
Item: Chris Butcher has photos and links to photos.
Item: I love these photos of the giant pile of things people bought.
Item: Milo from Digital Content posted his report in our comments, but here are the links again. 1 2

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  1. hey david – these are really great! thank for putting them up!

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