Google alerts just tapped me to let me know Jim’s posted a list of fresh reviews, and he just wrote me himself to tell me our book therefore repent got a Hungarian review! They liked my art 🙂 – But enough about me, this is about Jim and Shanon’s new book, and yeah, here’s his post, lot of links so i thought i’d just cross post and let him tell you himself, oh but first there’s a cool RGB interview from the floor of TCAF!

Jim says – “we’ve had a pretty nice response from places like BustBoing Boing, and the Onion A.V. Club — check out the blurbs here. Also, has published an excerpt — you can read the first chapter there.

We got a bit of coverage at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival — the guys from Vepo Studios interviewed me for their great piece on self-publishing comics and I rambled on with the guys with RGB Filter [embedded abound] as well. (Sadly, Shannon hates being videotaped.)

More recently we drove to Detroit and did a launch at Leopold’s Books, a fantastic new bookstore with an emphasis on comic/zine/visual culture. Greg, the owner, interviewed us. Probably the nicest thing was hearing that he was worried the comic was going to be another exploitive take on Detroit in the “ruin porn” genre but was pleasantly surprised to see it was not.”