Ian Daffern wrote a few hours ago to let me know about WHAZAMO’s newest clips for openbook toronto, for this years Ontario Graphic Novel Month. They have quite a few cool profiles and interviews on the site here. The latest two clips are “STATE OF THE ART: WEB COMICS” & “STATE OF THE ART: SELF PUBLISHING”

Ian explains them thus: This year we returned to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, but wanted to do something different. What we came up with was a two part story about contemporary comics, to show what comics creators are actually making these days, called “State of the Art.”

The first looked at Self Publishers, and tried to get at why people are still making their own books on paper, and how comics are more friendly for self-publishers than say conventional lit. Featuring Adam Bourret (I’m Crazy), Jim Munroe (Sword of My Mouth), Tara Tallan (Galaxion) and Chris Kuzma and Patrick Kyle from the art collective Wowee Zonk!

The second looked at Webcomics, and tried to show just the range of the medium, how it’s taken off, and is maybe as Ryan North says, bringing comics back to North America. Featuring interviews with Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics), Erika Moen (Dar! A Super Girly Top Secret Diary) and Ramon Perez (Kukuburi, Butternut Squash).

Anyway, they’re both pretty fun, and I hope you like em!

Why do people say Anyway like that all the time now? They are quite good. Check out the openbook Toronto site for the excellent accompanying posts, but here’s the clips.