Been a little while since i did this, thought it was due.

The Fabler Takes Home the Freshest of Awards!

Off the top, the Fabler took home the Digital Alberta’s Media Fresh Awards for Best Use of Social Media. Congrats to Bruno and the rest of the gang!

The Fabler Contest! – Win Wacom and Sony PS3 Prizes!!

As they approach the launch of their new self publishing features, The Fabler figured a good way to encourage people to join the site and make use of it would be a contest with some sweet prizes. So they announced the Premier Comic Submission Contest! For it they are giving away prizes for 3 finalists. The 3rd place prize is a Sony PS3 Bundle. The 2nd place prize is a Wacom Intuos4 XL. Last but definitely not least, the 1st place Grand Prize is a Wacom Cinque 21UX! To enter you need an account on their site, an original comic of at least 24 pages + the Cover submitted between June 15th, 2010, and September 15th, 2010. (up to 3 submissions), and then to tell EVERYONE of your comic! As i understand it the winners are chosen by getting people to vote and rate your comic. The more people you tell the better chance you have at winning one of the prizes.
Ok, so over on the blog….

Artist Interview: Damian Willcox of dorkboy Comics

KD: What would you say is one important thing for an aspiring comic creator to know in the current state of the industry?
DW: I would say to have realistic expectations, and be realistic about where they’re starting. A lot of people might decide, “Hey, I’m going to do a daily webcomic” and then a month into it when they don’t have a million followers, be discouraged. The workload for that could get pretty huge, and it can seem daunting when you’re not getting the reception you hoped for.

Profile of Evan Munday, creator of Quarter-Life Crisis

Munday’s story is definitely a mixed-bag adventure that avoids dwelling too heavily on the more depressing tonal elements common to post-apocalypse stories. In his own words, Evan describes it as, “one of the more fun post-apocalypses out there.” Nobody said global catastrophes of epic proportion couldn’t be a swingin’ time….

Profiling Jenny Romanchuk and The Zombie Hunters

Let’s say that the zombie apocalypse is finally upon us and, in addition to packing some basic supplies, you can pick one person to help guide you through it. I’m gonna go ahead and stop you before you embarrass yourself by saying ‘Chuck Norris’. I would however, accept Simon Pegg, Woody Harrelson, or Bruce Campbell. Although for my money, I’d go with Jenny Romanchuk – author and artist of the epic webcomic The Zombie Hunters. Why?

Interview with Ethan Rilly, Creator of Pope Hats

Pope Hats is one of those rare comics that delivers a narrative that is both surreal at times and incredibly familiar. Its themes of directionless youth and awkward/witty attempts at human connection will resound with you as genuine, just as you will very likely find yourself fascinated with the kind of idiosyncratic conversation that can be produced by a nondescript cartoon ghost.

James Turner on his Graphic Novel, The Warlord of Io

As many indie creators are well aware, getting your book published and onto the shelves of comic book stores is no easy feat these days. James Turner, the Canadian comic artist behind Rex Libris and Nil: A Land Beyond Belief, knows the truth of this better than most. When I spoke with him last year for the Fabler, the Ontario-based illustrator/artist had just recently received some disheartening news about his latest project, Warlord of Io.

Profile of Nick Thornborrow and The Anthology Project

Say you’re a talented visual artist. Let’s also say you have a well-rounded social sphere of other, equally talented artists, and you’d like to showcase what you collectively could produce. You have no experience self-publishing, but what you lack in experience, you figure you can make up for in sheer dedication and persistence. What do you do?