The 211blog has some great looking books posted from the last few days. Like the look of this one…

Also i’d like to call your attention to Rory’s post about This Ain’t The Rosedale Library. And to the statement from the shop owners that confirms the closure of the Kensington Market location.
Our only hope is to imagine that the store may reemerge in the long-term.

We cannot help but feel guilty for disappointing everyone who has demonstrated their hope that we might resolve our difficulties in the short term. We invite anyone who might feel that we have breached their trust in this respect to contact us [email link provided here on the site] Jesse & Charlie Huisken

It seems things became intractable with the landlord. But there seems to be hope a new location will be found.

“Our only hope is to imagine that the store may reemerge in the long-term. At this point a fundraiser could only be a Pyrrhic victory. We encourage all those who have shown such enthusiasm for the store to consider helping us and stores of our kind but in the future.”

Good luck guys. If anyone spots a good location up for rent, give them a holler eh?
This was first reported on this site here last week.
And it seems there’s word from twitter of another venerable Toronto Comic shop that will be closing as well, I’ll leave it to Dave to tell us first hand.
I’ve been meaning to introduce David Hains, he’s one of our new team members! I’ll do it properly in another post but as you can see he’s already contributed some great content. He joined us just after TCAF 2010.
Jeffrey Brown, Ivan Brunetti, Anders Nilsen & Chris Ware speak about the place of the graphic novel in literature and, more specifically, about their own craft.

Nothing Canadian about it, just a cool clip.