With the fervor surrounding the release of Scott Pilgrim 6, Sequential’s David J Hains thought it might be a good idea to have a round-table discussion of the self-described epic of epic epicness. In the podcast below, four early twenty-somethings in Toronto got together to share thoughts about the final book and the series as a whole.

Since this was recorded, the sixth book was launched, and has sold out of its astonishing 100,000 print run! The whole series is dominating the Squential top 10 of Canadian comics, and the latest is one of the best selling books on amazon. Not comic, book of any kind. Oni Press is running a rush print of 50,000 editions prior to the movie coming out to restock shelves for the hoped next wave. Those are really quite remarkable numbers.
As a seller the books have a solid place in comic history – On it’s merits the panel is split, 3 to one in favor of the series.  Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Warning: Spoilers ahoy in the podcast.

Our panelists are:
Michael Carens-Nedelsky: Is doing his U of T thesis project on race and ethnicity in comics. At the Scott Pilgrim launch party he dressed up as Stephen Stills. Rating: Keener
David Hains: Contributes regularly to Sequential. He co-creates the comics at www.novastealth.com with Justina Zatzman. Rating: Awkward
Georgia Webber: The Organizer for the GangLion Comics collective for young Canadian cartoonists. Georgia is working on a comic about growing up on the Toronto Island. Rating: Organized?
Justina Zatzman: Co-creates www.novastealth.com with David Hains. Despite being one of the few people to dislike Scott Pilgrim, she swears she’s not a curmudgeon. Rating: Not a Curmudgeon.
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