Pirhana is Loose #1 written by Dave Darrigo
catching up on a week of links:
Item: Team Society League, the pitiful gag comic collective made up of Aaron Costain, John Martz, and Zach Warton, has a new website.
Item: And speaking of Costain, the architect-by-day-cartoonist-by-night debuts as a critic at the Comics Journal’s Hooded Utilitarian blog with a post on architecture and comics that namechecks some Canadian talent.
Item: Steve Murray launches a fake campaign for Toronto mayor as part of his National Post gig.
Item: In Canadian superheroes with fur bikinis news, Ty Templeton is interviewed by The Fabler’s Kevin de Vlaming on the subject of the new 1940s comics revamp, Northern Guard.
Item: A new comic about why CETA, The Comprehensive Economic an Trade Agreement might be bad for Canada.
Item: I could swear I’ve read this article about comics content providers for the I-Pad, somewhere before.
Item: Surprised those number aren’t higher.
Item: D+Q’s Peggy Burns writes about the legacy of Tom Devlin’s Highwater Books.
Item: Speaking of D+Q, today is the last day of their big sale.
Item: A report on the Magazines and Comic Books in the Digital Age panels from last weekend’s Word on the Street in Toronto.
Item: The new Koyama Press book is Justin Harbin’s diary book, also the subject of latest Inkstuds.
Item: Jeet Heer on the new Love and Rockets and the old Douglas Wolk.
Item: The Shuster Awards have a new webcomics coordinator, Andrew Walsh.
Item: Today’s obscure Canadian comic was published by Brantford, Ontario’s Special Studios.