Scott Chantler vs The World (see last item)
Item: The Shuster Awards will be handed out June 18 as part of the Calgary Comicon. Kevin Boyd talks in this interview about moving the awards show around the country.
Item: Sarah Leavitt is profiled by the Canadian Press about her award-nominated Alzheimers graphic memoir, Tangles.
Item: The 3rd annual “Les 48 Heures de la Bandes Dessinee de Montreal” begins November 7. Tons of cartoonists, art, films, etc.
Item: The big buzz in the book world is the announcement of the long list for Canada Reads. Every year CBC radio picks one book to promote as part of this national event. This year they are compiling a top ten list of the best Canadian novels of the decade, beginning with 40 contenders that everyone can vote on. Two graphic novels made the top 40: Skim, by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki, and Essex County by Jeff Lemire. You can read all about it and vote here.
Item: Last week the tweetosphere was ablog over Kate Beaton’s statement on sexism and sexual harrassment disguised as praise of her work. Sean Collins had the best coverage, correcting several comments, and linking to the best comic strip response to the controversy.
Item: Scott Chantler’s new graphic history, Two Generals, had a successful launch in Cambridge and Scott is the coverboy of this month’s Quill and Quire, the magazine of Canadian books and publishing.


  1. Author

    Interesting how defensive many people were and how easily anonymous comment dudes fall back on hilarious stereotypes, like those who insisted Beaton’s moderate request not to be harassed, expressed in a short twitter post, makes her a “scold” as in, “I know she is an irksome brawling scold.” Just like that other Kate in The Taming of the Shrew, it seems like Kate Beaton needs a few self-righteous internet Petrucchios to set her right.

  2. oh your being all literary, giving me bumps. 😉
    Yes, one of many ways that fellow was distorting the things being said by others. Real stretch to say her post was that harsh. I didn’t say it there, but was quickly wondering if we were not in fact talking to the Petruchio who made the specific comment, or something like, that gave rise to Kate’s twitter post in the first place. At the very least he was projecting something personal to table.

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