Item: So, I started a Facebook group to get The Guelph Mercury to add the new Jay Stephens and Bob Weber Jr. comic strip Oh, Brother! to their comics page, since Jay lives in Guelph ‘n’ all. The group only ever had 23 members but I guess it was enough since today the Mercury announced they are adding the strip and interviewed Jay to celebrate!
Item: The Assassin’s Creed comic is reviewed in the Globe and Mail.
Item: The Toronto Star reviews a new graphic novel about a B.C. salmon fisherman by Kim La Fave, Fishing with Gubby.
Item: Not sure if we linked to this Scott Chantler interview at The Fabler blog before.
Item: Chris Butcher catches the solicit for Zach Worton’s debut graphic novel, Klondike, coming from D+Q in 2011. I really liked the short pieces I’ve seen from Worton so I’m looking forward to this as well.