Sequential was an early supporter but we’ve not mentioned Kill Shakespeare in a little while, in part myself because I’ve been unable to keep up with the guys since TCAF when press about the book took off like a rocket!
So just taking a second to post a collection of their press. Very impressive showing. Owen and Curtis talked to Mondo Magazine here about the project, Comic Book Daily said the The Play’s the Thing on the 17th and visited with the crew to report how conventions energize the Kill Shakespeare creators. Comic Book Resources conclude “This comic is serious and fun and emotionally draining in all the right ways; a pure pleasure to become immersed in“. Weekly Comicbook Reviewer SoldierHawk who’s been less than in love with Andy’s art, said of book #7 “the look and especially the design of this book as a whole is absolutely gorgeous.” and gave it a “B”. Fangoria gave them 4 skulls, and Eat Sleep Geek declares the first collection has “All the Goodness of the Bard, None of the Suck“. And the Postmedia Network reports in several of it’s papers and sites that there are “Canadians looking to Kill Shakespeare in comics“. That’s just the last week or so of it.

And then there is this…

The Kill Shakey Character Game from TdotComics on Vimeo.