Yes, it’s the first weekend in December and time for some fresh linx!
Item: How cute is that! The lead character in the newly-translated Jimmy et le Bigfoot wants to find a way to get everyone to forget that he’s famous for doing a funny dance on youtube, so now you can actually see the video on youtube! (link via D+Q store)
Item: The Shuster blog catches news about two publications from new publisher Editions Pow Pow.
Item: Also, The Shuster Awards are discussing some category changes.
Item: In international Dan Clowes news, D+Q has announced a graphic novel of The Death Ray and Clowes has been named designer of the new Crockett Johnson Barnaby reprints at Fantagraphics.
Item: Is it just me or does Udon put out alot of books?
Item: Get your holiday shopping done early: Marc Bell just opened an Etsy store for original art and books.
Item: Quebec micro imprint put out, like, 10 comics in 2010.
Item: The annual compendium of Canadian political cartooning, Portfoolio, is now on bookstore shelves.