The first C-List of 2011. Linkblogging updates about Canadian comix.
Item: Jillian Tamaki did the TCAF poster!
Item: And by the way, the TCAF site went live with a list of guests of exhibitors.
Item: The Joe Shuster Awards have an update about their progress from Exec. director Kevin Boyd. Lots of people involved there.
Item: Jim Zubkavich (Udon, Skullkickers) is interviewed on the Robot6 blog about his ongoing Image series.
Item: Quantum physicist in Waterloo is a big manga fan.
Item: New interview with Ottawa graphic novel creator Von Allan.
Item: Cripes, even the Associated Press picked up the press release about the DC Comics price roll-backs and re-intro of letters pages. And Canadian Business magazine picked up their report.
Item: A preview of Toronto cartoonist Ray Fawkes’ Possessions, Book 2 (Oni).
Item: The weirdest international story I’ve read recently is this long behind-the-scenes memoir by Bill Sienkiewiscz, posted on an Irish blog, about the end of the Alan Moore-scripted comic book series Big Numbers way back in 1990. Touched on is Sienkiewiscz’s relationship with his assistant Al Columbia, the creator of my fave comic from 2009, Pim and Francie. It seems like such a long time ago that the story of Big Numbers (and not so much the first two issues which were confusing and such a deparure for both artists) was a gripping story and we all wondered what the hell happened. Now kind of a footnote.
Item: A review of Seraphin Illustre, a reprint of classic strips by Albert Chartier, published by Editions 400 Coups last year. Weird illustration-style adaptations of a popular soap-opera. (google trans)
Item: The cover for Michel Rabagliati’s next album, due October 2011 from La Pasteque.

cover to Paul au parc by Michel Rabagliati