Item: Nathalie Atkinson talks Darwyn Cooke at the National Post.
Item: Is it just me or is Quill and Quire going cartoonist crazy? Last month it was Scott Chantler, now its Michael Cho on the cover.
Item: I’m involved with the Wright Awards, so I should have mentioned this already, but Kevin at the Shuster Awards beat me to it: time to submit your book to the Wright Awards! If you are Canadian and put out an English-language graphic novel, collection of comic strips or gags, minicomic, art book, or plain old traditional stapled comic book, you are eligible. We cast our net pretty wide. Please send in your work –we are pretty thorough in trying to keep track of what’s out there, but it’s easier if we actually have a physical copy or copies. Every year we overlook things because we just didn’t see it in time for the final nomination meeting, and we are having our next meeting in a week. Info at the link above.
Item: That Dave Sim/Steve Bissette talk is still ongoing.
Item: Skullkickers was the 241st best-selling comic in November. Wow, actual numbers.
Item: This week on Inkstuds is Best of 2010 with the Cartoonists.