Item: Drawn and Quarterly’s Peggy Burns announces the D+Q Fall 2011 list and provides the first image from Seth’s The G. N. B. Double C. The other books on the list are Clowes’ The Death-Ray ; Everything by Lynda Barry; The Adventures of Herge written by Jose-Louis Bocquet and Jean-Luc Fromental and illustrated by Stanislas Barthélémy; Daybreak by Brian Ralph; Pure Pajamas by Marc Bell; A Fool’s Gold by Chris von Szombathy; Nipper 1965-1966 by Doug Wright and Nancy Volume 3 by John Stanley.
Item: Toronto FanExpo adds a 4th day.
Item: Kagan McLeod’s Infinite Kung Fu graphic novel is scheduled for a July publication date by Top Shelf. I think part of this has been serialized on Top Shelf’s webcomics site?
Item: Robert Haines has a Canadian retailer perspective on the new Day Early shipping program that starts today. I guess the gist is that new comics will now arrive in stores the day before they are to go on sale so they can be properly and sanely stocked, etc. instead of whatever wild west anarchy had previously existed in the Direct Market for decades? My feeling is that the “Wednesday Comics phenomenon” of loyal comic book fans visiting the comic shop only once per week to get the latest goods as they are unpacked is gradually eroding anyway but maybe that’s because I am a snobby elitist who has always been above such vulgar displays of passion and habit. Hell, I think I had been going to comic shops for a decade before I realized there was a specific day that new comics arrived. It used to be Thursdays, didn’t it? Also, it’s possible to stock comics from distributors besides Diamond.
Item: Adhouse books will be publishing a full-colour collection of Jay Stephen’s Oddville comic strips this Spring. Welcome to Oddville! will be 88pgs and $14.95. Available May!