Item! Kathryn Immonen is among those interviewed for this article about female superheroes.
Item! Nanaimo comic book about fetal alcohol syndrome.
Item! Did I ever post a link to this interview with Jesse Jacobs at the excellent Squidface and the Meddler site? No? Well, you should read it then.
Item! Alpha Flight bumper stickers?
Item! Inkstuds at the Emerald City Con in Seattle.
Item! Inkstuds’ Robin’s Aquaman photo reminded me of Steampunk Aquaman, part of the Steampunk Justice League custom action figures. (via Aquaman Shrine)
Item! Robin also hips us to Saskatchewan-based Elaine Will’s Look Straight Ahead.



  1. Elaine Will’s Look Straight Ahead is excellent! The first two issues garnered a Gene Day Award nomination.

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