Item! Scott Chantler, J.Bone, Kathryn and Stuart Immonen, Diana Tamblyn, and the Kill Shakespeare crew are appearing at a London, Ont comic book event Wednesday sponsored by the library system there, focusing on history-themed comics and graphic novels. Wednesday, March 16, 2011, Central London Public Library.
Item! David Collier appears in Ottawa on Thursday: “Join Canadian Forces Artists Program artist David Collier as he teaches a workshop on how to draw a military comic strip, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today and March 17 at the Canadian War Museum. Free with museum admission.”
Item! Jeet Heer on racism as a stylistic choice in classic comics: “There seems to have been a tug-of-war between Eisner and his assistant Jules Feiffer about Ebony. Partially this was because Feiffer was much more politically progressive than Eisner but perhaps there was another factor at work. Feiffer was to Eisner what Ebony was to the Spirit: the young assistant.”
Item! Welland, Ont hosts Star Wars Expo.
Item! Thanks to the Shuster blog, we hear about the relaunch of Alice Quinn’s Tdot Comics. The site covers animation, video games, comics, and something called manga: “TdotComics is your source for news on the Toronto Comics community. We go to all the conventions & chat with the creators & realized that we have a rich vibrant comics culture in Toronto & decided to focus TdotComics on exactly that. Comics coming out of Toronto, Ontario & the GTA.”
Item! Speaking of Toronto comics, the Toronto Comics Arts Festival has made a few new announcements: Darwyn Cooke, John Porcellino, Top Shelf, postcards, Zak Sally, R. Sikoryak, James Hindle, Tom Kaczynszki, and Fiona Smyth.
Item! Oh My! Comix is a new sex comics anthology from the wilds of British Columbia with work from Robin Bougie, Aaron Lange, and the best name in adult comics, Dexter Cockburn: “a brand new anthology edited by Dexter Cockburn (never mind that it is #2, Dexter is numerically confused on a regular basis with his publications) that takes up where SLEAZY SLICE left off! Yes, this is a grand comical booking of degenerate proportions, and all your fave talented perverts are taking part!”