Item! Some Kind of Awesome has collected four of Beck’s unreleased demo tracks for the last summer’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World movie soundtrack by way of
Item! Canuck letterer/colourist and bon vivant Keiren Smith hips us to a free comics!  The Canadian super hero webseries Tights and Fights is offering a free download weekend to coincide with the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con this weekend. A free PDF comic written by me!

All the polite Canucks behind the series ask is for you to join their e-mail list and please direct others to do the same rather than just sharing the doc around. (So I ask you, is this shameless plugging? Or pointing out a fabulous comic deal? You be the judge. – Rob)
Item! Robin McConnel is interviewed over at the Daily Crosshatch.Here is  Part 1 and Part 2.
Item! The Joe Shuster Awards points us to tax and accounting advice for comic creators to keep in mind by way of Chris Tyrell’s Art Marketing blog.
Item! Marcus Bornfreund over at hips us to Appropriation Arts, who have just published a digital comic book, 51st State, challenging the Harper government’s attempts to rewrite copyright laws. (Something I heartily applaud, although I don’t agree with everything this book calls for).
As a unique way to get the word out I commend 51st State. But as comics it’s pretty bad.  Essentially it reads like a poorly flowing fumetti polemic cobbled together in Mac Comic Life from appropriated online images. If they understood how comics work they could have really gotten their message across in clearer manner.
Item! Speaking of Creative Commons, over at IBM developerWorks I stumbled upon this tutorial on how to find and utilize the perfect Creative Commons license for you.
Item! By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth, take two orbs of Agamottos and call us in the morning. Come Ditko your mind and learn about the 1967 Doctor Strange radio series at the audiocomics blog!  Yes, that Dr. Strange.  Sadly, no link to audio.

By the Vishanti.  I’d give up my Ditko-dextrous
fingers to listen to a single episode.