Item! Squidface & The Meddler have a great new slate of features up for April, including a profile of cartoonist Diana Tamblyn; comics from Box Brown, Luke Pearson, and Nick Edwards; and an interview with illustrators Edward Kwong and Andrea Wan. Beautiful stuff!
Item! Alice from TDot Comics talks to J.Bone and Brian MacLachlan in a failed podcast. Subjects: Wizard World Toronto, Wonder Woman, etc.
Item! The Drawn and Quarterly blog covers this Facebook-based episode the best: Joe Matt starts nitpicking Chester Brown’s paying For It graphic memoir focusing on his own portrayal in the book, especially as it relates to public perceptions of his cheapness.
Item! This comic strip promoting Scott Chantler’s appearance at a school in Stirling, Ont is very cute but the art is also kind of scary I think?
Item! Vancouver’s Brandon Graham (King City, Multiple Warheads) was the featured artist last week at The Comics Journal. He wrote a profusely illustrated diary for 5 days that is pretty amazing. He seems to be one of those young cartoonists who never sleeps. Day 1 2 3 4 5
Item! The latest issue of Dave Sim’s Glamourpuss is out this week. One of the weirder comics on the stands. Sim is a comics heavyweight, one of the most original and intelligent creators out there, but the book is made up of a very lightweight fashion/pop culture parody, married to an in-depth history of photo-realistic comics strips, illustrated by Sim in comics form with lots of tracing and digressions. A little bit schizo but also fascinating with tons of craft. Not sure if I posted this appreciation from Comics Alliance’s John Parker before? “The satire may touch on modern feminist values and what has become of women’s empowerment, but it completely lacks the invective that typified the latter half of his opus. As a whole, “glamourpuss” is one of the best put-together comics on the stands, beautiful to look at, insightful, informative, and funny.”
Item! The schedule of events for this coming weekend’s Hobbystar ComicCON Fan Appreciation Event.
Item! Not sure, but this could put the kibosh on Richard Comely’s fantasties about a Justin Bieber Captain Canuck movie?
Item! Sara Leavitt’s Tangles is up for two more awards, as is revealed in this profile from her hometown paper.


  1. I’m not sure you can actually categorize Glamourpuss as a comic. It takes the physical form of the comic, and because it has comic frames in it’s historical portions, it sorta looks like a comic, but the form is actually more like an illustrated dissertation with the occasional bit of parodic fluff tossed in.
    As an artist and inker, and a fan of great comic strips, I find a lot of this stuff fascinating, but I can’t imagine it could possibly have any appeal or interest to anyone who isn’t an artist or crazed strip art fan.
    As for the fashion parody stuff, I love the drawings, but actually find the parody pretty weak. It certainly never reaches the level of satire. More like college humor with a patina of intellectualism brushed on top. Not that clever really.
    As for Sim’s opinions on women, I never make the mistake of confusing the man and his opinions with the work. I don’t give a damn if Frank Frazetta liked Nixon, or if Woody Allen likes young women. I judge the work on its own merits. If the didactic ideology of the author shows up in the work and mars it, that’s one thing. However, if it works as fiction with a point of view, I’m cool with that.

  2. Author

    Yeah, it is something of a hybrid. My definition of comics is broad enough to include this but I know what you’re saying.

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