Item! This poster will be available for purchase when international cartooning superstar Bryan Lee O’Malley makes a rare personal appearance at the Beguiling, in Toronto on July 9 where he will be signing books and doing other cool things, I’m sure. Get in line early: remember what happened last time he did this?
Item! Chris Randle interviews cartoonist and illustrator Jillian Tamaki for The Comics Journal. Topics covered: grumpiness, art education, and Super Mutant Magic Academy.
Item! Wow. Check out this Kate Beaton mural in Halifax!
Item! Comics historian John Adcock presents some archival material on Sam Hunter, a Canadian cartoonist based in Toronto during the 1910s. You guys, this is fascinating stuff!
Item! For some reason, many of my favourite comics experiences these days involve either intoxication or toilets. Here is a great Rand Holmes drawing courtesy of historian Robert Beerbohm.
Item! What the good folks at Udon Entertainment will be bringing to San Diego Comicon.
Item! J. Torres and Eric Kim have a new webcomic pane called Twit, based on Torres’ Twitter posts. The strip, which is formally similar to Family Circus and so far seems to be about the experience of child-rearing from the befuddled-father-of-a-newborn perspective, updates every Sunday.
Item! The newest comics publisher on the Canadian “scene” is Canmore, Alberta-based Renegade Arts Entertainment (not to be confused with Renegade Press, ex-Cerebus publisher Denis Loubert’s ill-fated post-Aardvark-Vanaheim venture). Renegade has a number of comics and graphic novel projects on the go, including a series about The War of 1812 and the recently released Shame, with art by comics legend John Bolton. The team recently exhibited at the Calgary con as well. (via Jog)
Item! Cartoonist Graham Annable is interviewed about his video game design work.
Item! I don’t know what I find weirder, the fact that there is a video about Alpha Flight narrated by an adult woman or that said video appears on an Entertainment Tonight-style webseries created by Marvel called “The Watcher.”
Item! What is it about these Superboy custom action figures I find so sweet and charming and quintessentially Summer?
Item! Oddity of the day: A music video from a Spanish group featuring little kids and other people running around in cute superhero costumes.