Art by Syd Shores from Capt. America 27, 1943
The 2011 San Diego Comic-Con just ended so I will try to stop blogging about Alpha Flight fanfiction for one bloody minute and maybe spread the love around.
Item! Do you want to watch a long video on youtube with Toronto cosplayers silently reenacting major scenes from the Scott Pilgrim books with a grating soundtrack? Me neither, and yet I am linking to it here for the record (but really because Bryan Lee O’Malley linked to it on Twitter).
Item! So, the big news out of the con was this DC panel at which a women dressed as Batgirl alon g with her daughter asked some women-centric questions about upcoming DC comics and were heckled and ridiculed by the audience and DC employees. The whole tempest drew reactions and support from all over, including cartooning celebs like Gail Simone, Kate Beaton, Faith Erin Hicks, and Dustin Harbin.
Item! I love these photos where people show everything they bought at the comic-con.
Item! The first and funniest photo dump from San Diego I saw after googling Chester Brown at the con.
Item! So far, this is my favourite comic strip I saw all weekend. It’s basically a masterpiece by Thickness cover artist Jonny Negron.
Item! Did you know that the RCMP had a huge file after spying on Canadian literary critic Northrop Frye? Must have been his radical take on the works of William Blake
Item! The Captain America movie came out and Jeet Heer rounded up some commentary on the meaning of Cap for The Globe and Mail.
Item! One of the weirder stories/hoaxes in comics history is that of Octobriana. Here’s a backgrounder and the next chapter.
Item! The best news from the con is that Fantagraphics has reprint rights to EC and will publish artists-specific collections. Also, they will be publishing a Complete Zap Comics. Also, here is an interview with Eric Reynolds.
(Syd Shores image taken from the Simon and Kirby blog)