Item! Luckys Comics in Vancouver hosted the launch of the Rand Holmes retrospective featuring original art by the Underground Comics legend and a talk by Patrick Rosenkranz, the author of the Holmes bio, The Artist Himself. On hand were Holmes’ wife Martha, son Ron Holmes and a bevy of West Coast comix types (George Metzger cameo!). If you’re on Facebook, Rosenkranz has shared a photo set of the event.
Item! The Calgary Herald talks to Andrew Foley, one of the writers hired for the comic portion of the movie-pitch-turned-comic-book-turned-movie-turned-two-hours-of-my-life-I-want-back-because-I-already-saW-that-episode-of-ST:TNG known as Cowboys and Aliens. Foley works at Happy Harbor comic shop in Edmonton but has a book coming out with Fiona Staples.
Item! A profile of Gord Rox and his late lamented Whistler comic strip, The Peak Bros.
Item! Free Wowee Zonk zine dispenser.
Item! Inkstuds interviews Vera Brosgol.
Item! Speed-dating at Fan-Expo? (thanks S.Lewis)
Item! Dave Sim’s weekly videocast, Cerebus TV, is now on youtube which makes it embeddable.