Major Maple Leaf
Personally I'm boycotting Marvel, but I can't illustrate this Fan Expo-related post without reference to Dale Eaglesham's image from the Fan Expo promo comic book featuring Alpha Flight and this character who I think is Major Maple?
Links and crinks from the world of Canadian cominx:
Item! I have been enjoying Matt Forsythe’s online comic strips about his job teaching comics and now they will be bound into a book from Koyama Press. As well, Koyama is doing a book with Julia Wertz. Details here.
Item! Koyama will also have a HUGE table (20 people or so) at the upcoming Fan Expo Canada in Toronto.
Item! UM, I guess this David Boswell appearance at Lucky’s was yesterday?
Item! Here’s one I won’t miss linking to before it happens: the Vancouver Comics Jam takes place Saturday, August 20.
Item! The Kenk graphic novel gets the ArtThreat treatment.
Item! What Gary Groth might say about the DC 52 relaunch, he said in 1987.
Item! Burnaby BC newspaper reporter finds comic shops and Magic: The Gathering suitable replacement for smoking, drinking.
Item! The Ignatz Awards, attached to Baltimore’s Small Press Expo, have been announced and there are some Canadians on the list, including Michael DeForge Jesse Jacobs, Pascal Girard, and Kate Beaton. Congrats to all the noms!
Item! Did I mention Fan Expo Canada is happening August 25-28? Jeff Smith is the big comics guest but also Chris Claremont will be there (14-year-old-me is very excited!). Joe Kubert and clan as well.

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  1. 25 of August? Never been there since 2008. Worth to drop by for couple of sketches of the public?

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